Do I need to be a designer to particpate in #May1Reboot?

Of course not! You can participate also as developer, photographer or whatever else you might call yourself. The more people participate in #May1Reboot, the better it will be. If you have questions, ask @vanschneider on Twitter.

Do I need to completely relaunch my website?

No! Everything counts, but of course, the more the better. You don't have to fully relaunch your website, even a major update would count to particpate in #May1Reboot. All that counts is that we all do something fresh & new for May 1st.

I love the idea of May1stReboot, how can I support you?

We are thankful for any support we can get. The best support is to simply just spread the word and participate. #May1Reboot is a passion project and the only reason we do it is to create excitement within the community. If you want to become a partner, email us!